Custom solutions for government, regions, cities, municipalities

    Do you need something specific that the available online solutions or just anyone won't advise you on? Contact us and we'll help you with everything.

    Catalogs, map services, livestreaming, subsidy services, investments, electronic signatures with a digital certificate and more and more.


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    Pro státní správu

    Electronic forms and applications

    Easier and faster application completion thanks to online solution.


    Working with maps and displaying necessary points.

    Digital signature with a digital certificate

    An electronic stamp confirming the authenticity of digital information.

    Live streaming from meetings

    Your own live broadcast from an event.


    Sociální služby

    Social services ÚK

    Website creation


    This Social Services portal provides an overview of available services in the Ustí nad Labem Region. You can find here social services, services for families, and drug prevention. And a number of important information and links.



    Shops and services

    Website creation


    Map application displaying various categories such as Shops and stores, House, apartment, and garden in Prague.