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Why choose our solution for your business?

We exceed the competition in system speed (response time), system validity (100%), SEO, ratings from independent audits (100%, A+AAAAA), and excellent positioning.

Thanks to our system's smart core, we can customize the e-shop to your specific needs. We can easily incorporate your specific requirements.

A successful shop is built on the right core. We can provide you with objectively measurable shop values up to 100%. And we can transparently document it.


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Eshop Insion

Be successful in online sales

Easy content management
directly on the website

Change content, items, images, links, tables, multi-upload documents, and more using our content management technology and Drag & Drop.

Up to 50x faster
response time

Clean code = much faster response time for the shop. No framework and unnecessary elements that would slow down application performance.

Many integrated

Magnifier, Autocomplete, Favorites, Exports, Sitemap, EmailForm, Sharing, Photo Gallery, Polls, Submenu, and many more.

Mobile website

Mobile design is used more today than on regular PCs. The website will be suitable for visitors with mobiles, tablets, and other mobile devices.

SEO 100%

Perfect e-shop optimization

With optimization (SEO), you will have a great presence on search engines. We ensure that your pages in this system are 100% valid and display correctly on all types of browsers. You don't have to spend a lot on advertising to surpass your competition. Our website will take care of it for you.

Get perfect SEO



  • HTML5 standard = compatibility, consistency across devices (PC, mobile, tablet, Apple, Android, ...)
  • 100% valid - completely error-free
  • extremely fast response time in "ms", unmatched speed
  • with autocomplete in search with relevant results
  • quick purchase - shopping window is displayed directly in the window
  • convenient and automatic loading of additional item listing pages
  • constant visibility of the top bar including the cart and search
  • constant visibility of the left menu even when scrolling down
  • magnifier for product images
  • SEO parameterized filters directly in URL
  • main categories accessible through expanding "from the logo"
  • shows shipping directly on the product
  • motivates with free shipping
  • possibility of multiple categories for one product
  • product variants - possibility of custom code and price
  • intelligent variant grouping
  • bulk changes - price adjustment, label editing, content additions
  • content administration with Trash for deleted records and files with recovery options
  • integration with accounting systems (e.g. POHODA) and bank
  • EET
  • integration with Google Analytics, Verified by, Reviews by Zboží.cz
  • item sorting priorities - placing items at the front
  • automatic calculation of delivery day, e.g., "at your place on Tuesday". Takes holidays into account.
  • integration with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • shows visited products
  • intelligent suggestions for related items
  • automatically offers gifts in the shopping cart to encourage purchase
  • quick editing both at the front (for the page and product - adding, deleting, editing)
  • changeable space above and below the menu
  • supports quantity prices (e.g., a different price for 10 pcs or 20 pcs)
  • dynamic effects - menu, carousel, sliding images/text, expanding, tooltips
  • code minimization for transmission thanks to compression and cache
  • menu with image previews
  • remembers visitor's unfinished cart
  • Loading from ARES based on ID number
  • Email validity check, spellchecking
  • exports to,, Google Shopping
  • fast loading of content for visitors with intelligent dynamic image loading
  • SEO pagination + SEO search
  • FontAwesome icons as images
  • mobile version - tablets and mobiles, responsive design
  • address, street, and ZIP code autocomplete
  • synchronization with external systems (B2B, economic and accounting systems)

Selected e-shop references

We have many operating online stores, so we only mention some of them. Come and have a look at them.



E-shop, solution, logo, marketing, imports

Here you will find offers in areas that can be used by almost every household member. The Gifts section is interesting, where you will find a lot of unconventional products. For fans, we have fan items from Formula 1, football, and hockey.

The health section will make your life more enjoyable with relaxation aids and accessories. And we have many tips for a more luxurious life, from watches to beautiful clothing.

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Jacer Ráj dřeva


We have been dealing with wood production since 1992. All processed wood comes from Czech forests and is processed in our sawmills. This allows us to control the quality throughout the production process and produce construction timber according to the most demanding criteria.

During the creation of the e-shop, a directory was created for each branch in Ústí, Hradec Králové, Prague, and Plzen

Programming Consulting Operation

Delfy Staviva

Delfy Staviva


We offer, in addition to a complete range of building materials from all well-known suppliers, delivery of the purchased material by us.

We provide transportation with trucks with hydraulic arms, tipping trucks including hydraulic arms, and lightweight delivery trucks.

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4lock, a member of the Key Center & Locksystems group. We offer 4lock - fittings, safes, door fittings, interior handles, entrance handles

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HQD vape

HQD Vape


We are 4 long-time friends and, among other things, HQD disposable cigarettes connect us - No charging, no coil replacement, and no more searching for e-liquid. Just take the vape out of your pocket and enjoy its great and intense flavor!

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Oleje MPA

Oleje MPA


MPA, a leading domestic supplier of top-quality oils and other operating fluids, has been operating in the domestic market for over 15 years.

A large number of our customers are also industrial companies.

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