Webdesign & Logo design

We will create a modern responsive website tailored to your needs, with a clear and attractive design for PC, mobile and tablet.

We will develop your new website to effectively and clearly communicate with your customers and represent your brand excellently.

We will create a modern and attractive design that is emotionally and logically impressive, as well as user-friendly UX.


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Responsive Webdesign

Thanks to responsive design, the website adapts to your device. And not by shrinking the text into tiny fonts that require zooming in and out. On the contrary, it offers you greater control (e.g., by enlarging touch menus), allows for smoother scrolling (such as scrolling with a finger on a mobile device) and disables unnecessary elements that would hinder usability. People feel welcome in such an environment, and they can navigate and read the content immediately.



    We will adjust your website so that the text remains readable even on mobile devices.


    We will tailor your website to ensure convenient navigation on mobile devices.


    We will adjust your website to allow for easy orientation on mobile devices.

    On any device

    Your website can be easily accessed on mobile, tablet, or computer.

    Search engine optimization

    We will optimize your website for mobile devices to improve search engine rankings.

    Corporate Identity

    We will create a brand manual with corporate identity guidelines for future use.


    A modern and user-friendly website is essential for successful business.


    We can create attractive and clear signage that will make an impact.

    Presentation materials

    We can assist you with banners, flyers, catalogs, and other materials.

    business cards

    Promote yourself, your company, and your brand with modern and clear business cards.


    Let us create personalized letterhead with your company logo and colors.

    Logo for the 21st century

    We will create a modern and attractive logo that impresses both emotionally and logically.


    We will design your logo to be modern and attractive.


    The logo design will be unique and emotionally and logically impressive.


    We can provide you with a detailed manual on how to use the logo.


    Your logo should reflect your company's activities, and we can easily achieve that.

    Required formats

    We will export the logo design in all necessary formats.


    Aliance českých stavebnin

    Aliance českých stavebnin

    Website creation, logo


    Aliance českých stavebnin s.r.o. was established in December 2019 as an association of five independent building material companies – DELFY s. r.o. Most, Stavebniny Libušín Ivo Klug s.r.o., Profi Schierer s.r.o., Hrbáček s.r.o. and KESSL spol. s r.o. K.Vary.

    These five companies operate a total of 16 stores, mainly in the northwest of Bohemia, with a combined turnover of 1 billion CZK.

    Shopiq eshop

    Shopiq eshop

    Website creation, logo


    You can find a wide range of products for everyday use. The Gifts section offers many unconventional items. We also have merchandise for Formula 1, football, and hockey fans.

    The Health section includes relaxing aids and supplements. We also have plenty of tips for a more luxurious lifestyle, from watches to beautiful clothing.

    FK baník most

    FK Baník Most-Souš

    Website creation


    FK Baník Most - Souš s.r.o. and the FK Baník Most - Souš youth association will be established in Most. Both organizations will be owned and operated by the city.

    The aim of this new initiative is to unify and streamline football activities for youth and adults in the city, while maintaining historical connections.