Your Own Broadcasting

With our technologies, we can have your own live stream on your website from any event. Online, without installation, immediately.

Similarly, we can operate video conferencing directly in the browser, again without installation.

And you can provide your visitors with a live advisor/sales representative/consultant who can be seen and heard by the visitor. They can connect and communicate directly on your website without the need for phone calls, email, or installation or registration. This is more efficient and trustworthy, similar to a personal meeting.


Customized Live

We also program solutions directly tailored to your needs! Live broadcasting, payment options, registration, earnings settlement.

For more information or the possibility of implementing this video chat software into your website or developing a live chat, please contact us.

Take Advantage of Our Services

  • new WebRTC broadcasts 1:N on, does not require Flash, supports mobile devices
  • broadcasting 1:N (one-way,
  • call center 1:1 (between two participants,
  • conference N:N (among multiple participants,